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The Emperor's Words - text


Ten thousand eyes
Behind the walls
All turned to behold
The holy emperor...

Dressed in crimson and steel
He raised aloft his naked sword
And as the Damascus blade
Caught the sun, he spoke thus:

"Noble captains and lords
Brave soldiers ye all!
Fear not the coming
Of the red onslaught!
Thy lances and thy swords
Cuirasses and shields
The fury of the foe
And bequeath unto them
The fierce kiss of death!

Brace in iron thine heart!
Arm with faith your hands!
This day shall ring with your name
For all eternity to come:
Drive deep your steel
Into the enemy beasts
So that the infidel will know
That he faces his masters
And the race of his lords
The progeny of glories old
Sons of Greeks and Romans, all!"

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