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Dont trust Them - text

I don't know
why it goes this way
I don't need
no one here to stay

'Cause every way
is the fucking same
But I'm afraid
If my mind remains safe

It comes trough the way
your soul flies to the sky
It comes trough the way
your thoughts round in your mind
It lives in your body
it runs trough your veins
And before you realize it
becomes part of you

It's a strange morning
Of manipulation let you forget

It's a propaganda that
impresses you and
never understand
What the others tell you

And it's "like" sometimes
makes you feel alive
And it's suffocating
That you can not believe...
but not to yourself

It comes trough the way
your soul flies ...

Be.. agressive... to... (2x)
Why don't you fucking react?!
Why? - Forever...

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