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Long time coming - text


ust a boy of seventeen
Left school to chase a dream
Hard times – the mills closed down
No one working in old steel town

So he practiced 'til his fingers bled
It might be a long time – a long time coming

Joined a band to pay his dues
Playing hard the three river blues
Iron city house rocking making the scene
One way out is his rock 'n roll dream

Played all night 'til he was half dead
It might be a long time . . .


Still playing the same old town
Lots of new faces coming around
The years roll by and they all know
The boy's still making that big blue sound

Holding on to that dream
Even though it's a long time
It's a long time, a long time coming
Gonna be a long time, a long time coming

Text přidala Maribel

Video přidala Maribel

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