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I had a dream - text

you have this enter the craziest party in the world
phone answers this been the tour

let's go!

the night is young can you feel it
is calling you can you hear it

stop the music x 3

what's up guys this is ..
straight from the ..
and i buy with the mix with my ..
Dj Niko x 3
let's go!
cut it up!

yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah oh oh oh

i had a dream of you and i fell in love love x 4

oh what would you do if i'm asking you to touch me
oh yeah ..if is enough to make you love me
oh what you say, boy you drive me crazy
oh feels in my heart with the right one

i had a dream of you and i fell in love love x 4

let's have the hell of the time
let's have a drink till live
we can't control the night
let's have a .. the sky
the ..
let's take right through

i've seen you baby

you're the girl that's in my dreams
i was ..last forever 'cause you are need a thing
just one night with you is all i need with you
'can't see ..

so everyone ..

i had a dream of you and i fell in love love x 4

clock keeps ticking
let's not let this go to waste
turn the light down
closer you I'll find my way
is this how i must supposed to feel
if this is made believed then i don't care what's real
is too hard to love is just have some fun
..the night .. away

let the night beat away

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