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Open Up Your Eyes - text


Dream, empty and grey
A story waiting for a place to begin

Hands, laying all the best laid plans
But where do we leave our mark In this life?
As the first child cries
Will you wear a disguise?
Or will you open up your eyes?

Torn, wearing the disease you mourn
Like a deep freeze it burns

Locked, sealed up and cast away
Surely, meaning never fades if it's true
Scarlet words be removed
And the prison in you dies
And you open up your eyes

Wait 'til the movement passes
Wait 'til your season comes
Lights on will soon be coming your way

Be faithful morning grateful
When your remission comes
Hear summer sing your winter away

Open up your eyes and come awake
You will be created now
Every step a stroke, a dream to shape
Emptiness is falling down

Open up your eyes, behold the blaze
Burning right before you now
Open up your mind and seize the day
You will be created now

I will dream
In color from a world away
Painting every sacred day
In living light
Carve my name in the tree of life
We will blaze
Every trial and trail of dust
'Til we all turn the midnight sun
To sunrise
On the canvas of our lives
Hear no evil, tell no lies
When we open up our eyes

Text přidal Sala_Alejkum

Video přidal Sala_Alejkum

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