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Stay Close (ft. Alexander Spit, Boldy James a.. - text


Damn what happened to us?

When I wanted to stay, you didn't want me around
Now that I want to leave, you be hunting me down
Throwing shit up in my face, steady talking me down
Going with them lame-brains, that was on at the time

Now you want to take claims cause I'm talk of the town
On your Instagram page trying to flaunt me around
Make me wish I could rewind back farther in time
So I could turn the hands back to a quarter to nine

Nine years ago from the day, now my daughter she five
And my baby boy one, that's my heart and my pride
Said we still change
But I call it a bribe

Tryin' to play the blame game but all of it's lies
And instead of pointing the finger, I point at nine
Probable she had a doctors appointment at nine

The tension was so thick, had me running with mobs
Got me considering divorcing my bride,
said she loved me and she won't

Work hard, never rest
Shout to call it but we the best
Angelina Jolie get this off your chest
Used to shop at Ross had to dress for less
Get three prozacs and then reflex
Never less than excellence
My whole squad sick, that's pestilence
Rap game same shit as wrestling
Choose a back story, grab a corny outfit,
then strut around yapping like you really bout shit
It's 2013, ain't giving no vouchers
They say I just started, well bitch I've been out here
I live this, I breathe this, I sweat this, I bleed this
I want this, I need this like Kanye need Jesus,
like khakis need creases
My world fell topieces,
I stuck to my thesis, the realest, believe it

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Video přidal DevilDan

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