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Intro (ft. Stalley) - text


All you niggas days is numbered
I'm speeding past niggas: Days of Thunder
Tom Cruise, Been bombin' crews since the pager numbers
Lumber Jack brown tats started jackin' with the gold up under
A dope boy without selling dope
Twist a tree, inhale the smoke
Money to the colour of Cuban coke
Cuban chains and gold ropes
Black flags black locs [?]
Triple gold Dayton spokes
Triple stacks pourin' fo'
Rubber band my stacks is dough
This is old money from '94
Buckets no bench seats when I roll
I roll my windows down and turn the music up,
hit the switch and drop it low
808s and tons of low end
And light another one
This made the smoke end,
don't hop yo ass in if you ain't down roll in
Cause they don't understand the shining light,
they can't understand this kind of life
When you sitting clean behind halogen lights,
they start throwing hollows out of spite, trying to take your life
I came from the wrong side of the tracks, trying to make it right
When they turn white to green,
young niggas turn to fiends at 15, wiggled out
Shooting AR-15s and Glock nines, bullet holes in every stop sign
Ignore cop signs, if they kill one of us, then a cop dying
Drop top riding, middle finger to the wind
And I keep popping iron until all my niggas win,
and every nigga with me sittin on gold rim
Been wanting that since Maximums with the gold trim
My dog's been in all gold before the gold trend
Dead stock
Jordan 10s, Orange juice and Seagram’s gin
Turned on to all of that before the age of 10
Fluffy leaves on the green stem getting rolled up
A nigga come from another city, he get fold up
And girls with they nose up, acting like they ain't slut
White boys get they nose stuffed, with that pure uncut
Man, this world where I'm living at
That's why I rap through these songs down to my Fifty cap (x2)
To my Fifty cap

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