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Insane (feat. Moon Holiday and Killer Mike) - text


The only risk is that you'll go insane
The only risk is that you'll go insane

This is a calamity
This is some insanity
This ain't what I make them records for, what I reckon for
Girl got a friend and I think we both be checking her
The way that we be staring all our eyes be undressing her
We should be finessing her
We should be molesting her
Instead of walking 'round all tense when I pressure her
My mama say it's sin and god won't be blessing her
Everything about my molecular is secular
I be like it feel right, baby you should feel this
I can't do this square life, baby this the weirdest
Sex drugs rap and roll, yes that's my philosophy
Anything other than is living in hypocrisy
So if it feel good
Baby Imma do it
Put that on the blood in my vein no suwoo

Did we do it? Yes
Was it fresh? Yes
We achieved higher through desires of the flesh

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