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Thank you for the light
There's summer in your hands
I put down my head and see the shadow of a cloud
And after all the seasons, I am ready to lie down
Look at what I found, there's sound inside me, but I am not that loud
Cut apart my living body and put it in your arms
Then take me to the creek that runs behind my yard
And after all that running I'll be ready to float down
Thank you for the light
There's summer in your hands
When I lay down my head and the dark around me yells
I'll celebrate the mornings like the light would never come
Alone, in a sea of what I truly know
Of red and yellow and gold
Of the blue that always takes me home
The light I lose that loves me even though
I bring the dark when I can't feel that I am warm
And I look inside just to see that there's nothing more
But there's blue in the stars even though I'll never go
Past the window, past the water, past the sunroof in a car
Past the eyes inside my skull that will surely show me love

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