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How did I get into this place?
My life is only a combination of things
That I mostly have no control over
And it took me a long time to figure that out
Now it's time to go back inside the house
It’s cold and late, do I even exist?
Thunder, the sound of light
Everyone I know including myself
Is a hungry dog running towards the horizon
I leave the windows open so I can have the breeze
Now it's time to go outside the house
Say hello to someone, look at their eyes
I also have eyes, are the memories real?
Did I live through that day, did it happen to me?
Or did I go through the door
And fall into the beautiful void?
Oh, to touch something inside of you
And outside of you at the same time
I am the ground, the amber born from
The trees beneath, the clouds, the night
A beacon of life in the long-frozen ice
I am a summer blowing backwards
The pages of a novel I might only read half of
Now it's time to go inside your mind
Find the void and stare it down
You’ll learn something then give it back
To the universe who will give it to somebody else

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