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Woke up feeling bad again
The window always shows me where I am
But now darkness won't allow me to show you who I am
Or maybe it's the light, either way I do not know
Arizona, I wanna go there
Pacific Ocean, I wanna go there
The memory of a life, a scatter shot, a tideless sea
Where the deepest is death and we are floating towards nothing
Catskill mountains I will always come back to you
Mom I love you I still hear your voice inside my sleep
Next time you see me I will be glowing brightly
Outside with the birds in the middle of the yard
What a place, what a place for us
Forest, fields, ocean, lakes, and the stars
When I say nothing it's just because I like the sound
I just want love, I just want sun, I just want your company
Silhouette of the mountain in the dark
Is there anything more beautiful than afternoon
Or the quiet summer nights while the rainstorm gently cries?

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