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My hair is dirty blonde now
And there are even little sea sand pieces in there probably
I wish there were none
Smelling dish soap and honey across the room
I'll stay hiding across the wild thousands
You stay on those roads that fit winter rust trucks, single file
Sleep early, wake early
Folding in neatly always that this is my life feeling
And I shut off all the lights myself
In charge of every light
I have a few plants, but I have rescued exactly none
None such connection to that deep magic
With these hands now as I know them
A new scar and wow tons of plants
Plant-induced psychosis
Keep me close, I’m good invisible
Sitting in loss like a beanbag chair
If I lose my eyes
I've thrown them over the bluff
Frozen in the stream
To see the flood
And if I lose my mind
Please give it back to the earth
Fire, water, wind
Earth, fire, water, wind
And lie down
Lie down with me
It's a beautiful thing, I know
The last moments of the earth
Your blood’s running cold
Slower and slower
Fireworks show
She's getting tired
She's leaving home
Rest under the pines
My love, forever now
I'll take bitter to the solid form of nothing
Put it on the altar, give it flowers and a symphony
Watch the morning come and take it, then mourn it 'til forever
The gentle salted water, there'll be no one but the weather

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