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Its a kiss from Katie on the swing set,
when I was in 3rd grade

Teacher makin me sit from recess,
when I would mis-behave

Its a long haul to see my grandma,
during the holidays

I can tell my momma loved Jesus,
by the way she said grace

Its a spring break,
for me and my buddies that had to go our own way
Sunday, that I got saved
Its a class ring, that we never bought cause we thought we'd win state
But it didn't turn out that way
I cant complain, Its how it became
The man I am today

Its a fast lane headed down the interstate, a long way from home

Loaded down with a truck full of memories
The only thing Ive ever owned

Its a late night, bar fights comin in
getting pizza at 3 am

Fallin in and out of love with my girlfriend,
asking God to forgive my sins again
and again

Its the four years, everybody says your supposed to find yourself and they were the best

Theres the lonely tears that I cried that night when I saw my dad die
but i know hes in a better place

So I cant complain, its how I became
the man I am today

Cause the good Lord always seems to have a funny way
of makin' you look back on your life and say

Its the white dress, walking down the isle the day I said I do
Watchin our boy take his first breath

Its the true love, that made it through the years and started on a swing set, I know that I am truly blessed

So I cant complain, Wouldn't change a thing, its how I became
the man I am today. The man I am today

Its a kiss from Katie on the swing set, when I was in 3rd grade

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