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We're Not Crazy - text


We are not crazy, we´re goin´ insane
It´s not our fault you decided to blame
Yourself for walkin´ in the front door
You´re gonna come back tomorrow
And pay a little bit more

It´s been such a long time
Carrying on with the same old show
It´s been such a strange time
The burden´s on the people who just don´t know
It´s happening much too fast
Every moment´s made to fade or last
There is no time involved in judgements
As I just let go of a twisted little laugh


Now I´m left wondering
What will become of it all
Is there a flaw in the grand scheme of things
A little tear through which it all falls
Are there any heroes left
In social service to human kind
As the madness intertwines to happiness
We all seem blind


Now if tomorrow didn´t come
And yesterday had no past
You would blow your mind right away
´cause now is a concept very few can grasp
To practice it requires no effort
I don´t think about it at all
And if you can´t handle it
You can always get right back in line


We are not crazy, we´re going insane [repeat]

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