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I´m all alone in my room
I´m sitting here near the shelf
I see the mirror on the wall
The things I do are not for my health
I live alone with my lies darker than any night
A fear so real I might die from fright

So I reach for my death, yes it´s the ultimate one
The needle shines sharp deep gleam into my skin
I feel the relief, I lose all the pain
And when I open my eyes it comes back right again
I start to scream deep from inside
But all that noise just won´t seem to hide the fact that
Someday someday

So here I sit the bliss lost once again
My mind conjures up images once known as sin
I gather strength to look outside
I see the lives of friends, they run and hide
And now they´re gone and what they did
So I pray to no God absolve me of no sin
I see your smile, it warms my soul
Reassuring me it´s not our time to go

Until...someday someday someday

And when i´m far away from you my dear
I miss so much the feelings we share
And I want to hold on to you so tight
Breathe my hot breath down your neck tonight
Hold on so long the feeling is real
Only one thing can replace that deal
I find the thing that makes my life surreal
A cheap replacement
Because sometimes it feels like love

Someday someday someday

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