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Burden yourself - Praise of the living
Embarrass yourself - For what you will give in -
Suicidal process
Envy of people - To others they lie
Their true face is hidden - The truth's in your mind -
First deception
Positive words - Different opinions
Two worlds collide - Aggression, despite -
Massive conflict
Rage of the unborn - Pray for the dead
Bury your soul - To cross the line ahead -
Final saviour
Why did you crucify your soul?
Abandoned bodies are lost without hope
To be honest I don't care at all
All life ends if the will is gone
Blood of your soul - Etching through your veins
Blood of your soul - Causing unbearable pain
Your life passes by - Solutions, no way
Everything new - Seems like a darkening view
Your black heart reflects your mind
Blood dripping wounds from the deaths you died
Pumping pressure from the voice inside your head
In your deepest dreams you wish you were dead
Tell me how it feels - To walk upon the endless fields
Trapped in the eternal cage - Forever rest in dormant tales
Quit your mercenary life - Secular stuff once ruled the time
Weak minds are left behind

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