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Under constant surveillance from above.
Human cadavers suspended from chains come to life.
Dictating my every move.
This crimson hallucination molded by the compounding dementia.
Isolated in the confine of the psyche.
Imprisoned in the mind. Detached and emotionless.
No past, No future, No Identity,
Human carnage festers around me.
Mathematical equations surround me.
Enthralled by palindromes and logarithms
Illogical calculations written obsessively across brick.
Overlapping formulas inked in blood..
Intensity increasing with every numerical metamorphosis.
New sequential patterns generate advanced cogitations
Etching away at the ultimate theorem.
Delusions of an oncoming apocalypse fuels my paranoia.
I find comfort in a fresh homicide. Disembowelling the victim
I stare deep into the soul while taking her life.
The compulsion to carve at the body increases.
Scraping the inside, lost in time.
Satisfaction in the work I’ve completed
Brings sweet slumber within the hollowed carcass
Cocooned in flesh.
I awaken to the sensation of insects burrowing beneath my skin.
With a blade, I mutilate.
As the blood drains, my empty shell becomes wax.
I reach a continuum of consciousness through death.

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