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Schizophrenic Slaughter Frenzy - text


Paranoia setting in.. distorted faces mimic me..
The voice beckons to kill..
With a rusted ax, I start to hack..
Blood streams down the neck and back..
Faceless minions closing in..
I behead them one by one..
Bodies fall limp and bleed profusely..
Echoes of malicious commands crescendo in my mind..
The frequencies reach unbearable volumes..
The voice distorts and multiplies..
The voice beckons to kill..
Psychotic impulses drive me further..
The bodies jolt as I strike them repeatedly..
Hacking off limbs to immobilize the threat..
Spewing blood from the stumps..
Blood gushes, sprays and spatters onto the surrounding areas..
Under hypnotic schizoid psychosis..
I follow commands which repeat for hours..
Continue to chop at the segmented bodies..
While I ramble monotone neologisms..
When reality comes into focus..
my children and wife lay on the floor..
Dislimbed, decapitated and hacked to a pulp..
I'm left with only meat and gore..

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