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Surgically slicing, disembowelment begun
Sorting through umbilical cord and intestine
I gargle amniotic fluid
Force feed the living fetus to the mother
Legs snapped off and jammed down her throat
Eating the skin so moist and tender
Sifting through innards
Strangled, mangled and hung from entrails
Living fetus dissected like swine
Secreting intestines suspending the corpse
I carve at her face, slicing the gums and muscles
She stares in horror as I rip and feed
I dig deep in the gut and yank on the intestine
Intestinal noose, lynching the victim
Left to hang for weeks and weeks
Decomposition taking its toll
Clusters of maggots spreading
Bacteria through the bowels
Rate of decay increasing exponentially
The bloated body collapses
Into a stagnate putrid mass

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