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Torpid sewers harboring hexagonal clusters of eggs,
Incubating in a cesspool of humid human excretions,
Cylindrical eggs hatching in random bursts...
Arilus Cristatus Gigantus
Breeding exponentially, swarms of massive predacious insects
Eclipse the sun, raining down from the sky.
Arthropodic nomads flood the streets,
Misanthropic beings scavenging the land.
Targeted, the predator envelops the prey,
Cocooning the human within its wings.
The victim claws at the ground in attempt to escape.
With sloth-like mechanical motions,
The captor draws the human back into embrace.
The insect’s hypodermic beak extends into position,
Injecting enzyme-laden saliva into the bloodstream.
The human frozen in paralysis, immobilized, paralyzed.
Soft tissue and organs dissolve into emulsion.
Future victims spectate the killing.
The torture is seen through translucent membranous wings.
The insect holding the victim in his final embrace,
Caressing him through his passing, then gorging on the human slosh within.
The body withering to the decayedness of decades in mere seconds...
The skin cycles through the color spectrum of rot,
Shriveled, frail, and expunged of all nutrients.
The dry husk of the human cadaver lay discarded in a sea of bodies.

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