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Nuclear warheads detonate overhead..
Salted hydrogen bombs designed to destroy..
Mutually assured destruction..
Bodies incinerate in the initial blast..
Building structures collapse into rubble..
Firestorms burn through cities and forests emitting
vast amounts of smoke, soot, and dust into the troposphere..
Driven by whirlwinds to form a black particle cloud belt
encircling the Northern Hemisphere..
The clouds block out the Sun's light causing
surface temperatures to plunge to subfreezing levels..
High doses of radiation kill off the Earth's vegetation and animal life..
Hazardous radioactive fallout in every continent..
Toxic radiation lingers for years..
The surviving humans retreat into underground
fallout shelters beneath the ruins..
Soon all food rations are depleted..
The starvation triggers chaos and killing..
The weak, killed off and eaten raw..
Children and elders ripped limb by limb..
Until they devise a systematic way to feed..
Women are isolated and impregnated ..
Raising the infants like cattle..
Their kept in cages made of human bones..
Harvesting humans, slaughtered by hand..
Skins are stretched, dried and used as clothing..
Organs and meat dispersed amongst the tribe..
Everything mankind has built up to has been
Reduced to a barbaric, cannibalistic society..

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...Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate...

Flesh Consumed texty

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