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i lay the cadaver on the chopping block..
placed on the cutting table inside up..
i've bled and beheaded this hollowed carcass..
band-saw splitting the body down the center..
spinal column saw dust fills the air..
human carcass is quartered into four primal cuts..
shoulder, rib, loin and limbs..
sliced and diced, marinated and minced..
cutting against the grain of the meat..
the excess fat is removed..
connective tissue lining is peeled..
thickly fleshed meat is sawn into steaks..
shoulder, rolled and tied into roast..
juicy breast meat, savored with flavor..
intramuscular marbling runs throughout tenderloin..
extremities are reduced as the muscle is sliced thin..
cleaver in hand, i dice into cubes..
neck processed into human ground round..
meat grinder oozing, human muscle sold by the pound..

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