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A distant bell tolls, resonating through my frame. In an audiogenic trance, I follow the sound.
The tolling pierces through a dimensional membrane. I cross over into another word...
A dimension of complete suffering. Achromatic souls stream up the walls.
Their glow illuminates the chamber. Blood-gilded languid bodies coat the floor like a living carpet.
The bodies coil and recoil under a blanket of gelatinous gore.
The miasma of decay seduces the corpses into frenetic animation. A cryptozoic being stands in the center of the chamber, staring at me.
Devoid of skin, an intricate system of chains pass through his flesh.
The flaps of muscle held open with hooks and chains held taut,
Displaying his organs and revealing other intricacies
His anatomy, a perfect disfigurement.
The chains come from every direction, carving the stagnate air.
He speaks with the confidence of a god, vocalizing his expectations of my arrival,
Sermonizing how he summoned me to this universe to suffer for eternity.
My eyes glazed over in hypnosis to the sound of his voice.
A transmundane presence intensifying the ambience.
At the end of the monologue all movement recedes.
The shapes fade to silhouette, and silhouettes fade to black.
The sound warps and distorts,
Then ceases all together.
One after another,
The senses dull then expire.
I am condemned to experience
An eternity of complete nothingness.

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