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Dried blood encrusts adobe walls of the sanctuary.
Light beams through desecrated windowpanes of dead saints.
The lingering stench of tortured human and
Charred remains sift through the abandoned chapel.
I descend into the concrete dungeon below
With a new addition to my collection of medieval torture dev ices.
I haul the head crusher into the death scented torture cell.
I slowly pace through the chilled chamber observing my specimens.
Steel cages hang, encapsulating humans left to rot.
Grey matter slides off the decomposing bodies.
Pillories beneath the dripping cages hold victims, pre-torture.
Faint moaning is heard from an occupied iron maiden.
The moaning is overcome by gut wrenching screams coming from a human,
Half-skinned and strapped to the breaking wheel.
Still conscious and severely mutilated, I drag the human into her hollow brass tomb.
The Brazen Bull smolders leaving black soot coating the cement wall.
And now for the finale to this madness:
I retrieve a fresh human for this kill
Strapping his head down I slowly crank the Head Crusher.
Screams of agony echo as blood gushes from sever hemorrhaging.
Teeth shatter and surrounding bone crushes.
The cranium compacts in intervals as I crank the lever.
Brain matter oozes out of fragmented skill
As the eyes are forced from their sockets.
I laugh to myself in this state of morbid dementia.

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