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Caverns of the Disembodied - text


The voice summons me and I obey.
Following it’s command.
I enter a subterranean realm of enigmas.
Moonlight reflects off of the marble architecture
Of the cavern carved by epochs of dissolution.
Stalactites and stalagmites frame the
Mouth of the chasm like teeth.
Soon the blackness of the cavern encompasses me.
Guided solely by the voice which calls me,
I descend farther into the labyrinth of tunnels...
As well as the depths of my mind.
Spiraling into abysmal madness
Psychosis imbedded in every fiber of my being
My identity erodes with my sanity
The voice enabled me to vaguely recall my name.
All senses are overshadowed by the motion of my heart
The sound of its beating in my ears,
Crescendos to an insufferable intensity...then a pause in which all is blank
A star radiates in the distance.
I begin to form galaxies and nebulosity around it,
Shaping planets from nothingness and creating ecosystems within those planets.
Painting the ether with my mind, all powerful and iniquitous, I have become a god.

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