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Beneath the septic system of the metropolis..
Hides a lair of torture and killing..
An assembly of intertwining tunnels and passages..
The underground labyrinth leads into a pit..
Chloroform on a rag, I drag victims into the feeding ground..
Awakened by the bestial gutturals of starved boars..
The gates are drawn and the beasts are released into the labyrinth..
Adrenaline pumps as I watch the boars hunt down the prey..
Eaten alive by the pack, ripped apart and devoured in minutes..
Cranial bone crunches as they gnaw on the skull..
The sounds of the teeth scraping on bone gets me high..
Feasting on cranial seepage..
Gelatin textured brain matter leaks from the cranium..
Human scraps are all that remain..
Plummeting into the depths of the cesspool..
They descent into the abyss..
The spikes below split humans in two..
Fumes from decaying flesh induce vomiting on impact..
Tortured souls emit blood churning shrieks from the depths..
Skeletal remains impaled on stakes aging back for decades,
And sustain for decades to come..

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