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Strapped to the chopping block, my victims gains consciousness.
She screams in terror as the pendulum swings above her,
Five feet across and fifteen feet high, a contraption forged with meticulous perfection.
Swaying back and forth in metronomic momentum,
Taunting the victim, steel shimmers under halogen lighting.
Hypnotized by the blade in motion, I commence the torture.
Convulsing rapidly, she struggles to escape her shackles to no prevail.
Tears stream from the ducts of her vacant wide eyes.
Epinephrine hits my bloodstream; thee high of taking a human life is euphoric.
An increase of dopamine and serotonin creates complete ecstasy.
The blade slices through layers of skin and flesh.
It continues to excoriate the wound until I lower it farther.
Her voice cracks as she frantically pleads for her life.
The pendulum rips through her intestines and spine,
Slowly slicing the human in two.
The lower extremities and pelvis are
Detached from the rest of the body.
Blood drains from the segmented torso.
The body twitches post-mortally in a pool of blood and entrails.

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