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You stand so still, you stand so still like the pillar
The pillar you stand behind
And I have no limbs, I'm just a head in your lap
I can't believe I let it get this bad

Cause all I want to do is play Sega
And touch my girlfriend in her old Lumina
I can tell by the way you talk you know everything
So tell me everything

Would you like, would you like to give me kisses?
The pitter patter of your feet
That scream, you're mine, and that makes you weak
You're unaccepted for everything
I like that you need me to survive
It's cold, why don't you come inside?

Because all I want to do is play Sega
And think about the people that have hurt me
And talk like I did before you were everything
Why are you everything?

All I want to do is fall asleep until the sun explodes
And everyone is forced to start over

(When I was a kid I used to think about being eaten in like a se**** way. It was, uh, kinda like I would get my toes cut off and eaten and, and women would be eating me and slowly they'd work themselves up)

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