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Hurt Me Bad - text


Every day I think about you
And why you had to turn into
My enemy, when all I need's my friend

But the one who used to spend the night
And fall asleep before I
Ever had a chance to tell you how
How I felt

Every morning when I wake up
I feel the space where your body was
So I won't think or talk or read
Instead, I'll grow a beard

That way when you see me pass
And tell you that you want me back
Look at me and see how much I've changed
Since you left

I don't miss the shows you watch
Or think about the way you talk
And when I hear your name, it doesn't hurt

But I still go to our favorite spot
But not because I think that you'll show up
And when the phone rings, I don't hope that it's your call
'Cause I don't miss you at all

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