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Be Yourself - text


You can't ever look past the way that you yourself felt
Talk to yourself, well, that's the meaning of self help
And don't beat yourself up in the pursuit of self happiness
Because half the battle's asking passionately just what "happy" is

Take some time off to self reflect and self measure
Sometimes you need to be self centered to understand yourself better
I'm feeling self possessed without the selfishness of self obsession
But if I do this for myself and no one else, then it is self expression

Self confident, in that I'll never let myself forfeit
Every word I write, I'm certain I'm just painting a self portrait
And to all the self destructive people who feel they'll never be themselves again
Just know I understand that self inflicted pain is self defense

So don't sell yourself short or label yourself as stupid
Because when you've hit rock bottom, every movement is a self improvement

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