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Your favorite rap song - text


Oh I swear
All I ever wanted was to be somebody
My reefer cloudy, lost to each assignment
Making beats and rhyming so proceed to find me
My speech align with "teacher, teacher help me seek the knowledge"
But the street's is evil, we proceed to flee police and sirens
Grievance foul, reaper loud six feet my ego grow
Shawty grip it both hands letting off my eagle low
Bust it back and forth there's no remorse
I win of course I'm in
You fraudulent, I'm selling drugs
Where's the love? hit my plug
This is for my 40 busta's holding crutches
Cause they know they hustlers
While the man is tryna cobra clutch us
I drank a whole 8 bottles man I won't discuss this
Cause even if it's champagne better know your substance
Fancy nigga's stuck on a brand name
But any day it's O.E over champagne
I'm talking shit for my fan's sake
I give a fuck who can't relate I'm Erick landscape
I paint the picture for peace
Large wishes dismembered in several scenes
I'm Kubrick with chemistry
You're degenerate, generously
Poor me, poor, poor me
Got them hooked one time so I gotta OD

[Hook: Zombie Juice]
All I ever wanted son was a brick
A mask and a hunnid guns put a drip
In a mesh if you want it son for them chips
I be down and I run at you, yeahhhhh

[Verse 2: Erick the Architect]
I'm painting portraits while endorphins spinning
I'm high as hell when indulging in these gorgeous women
Pave the future for boosters as I'm contributing my two cents
So I'm a nuisance
Producing and I tighten the loop, like it's a noose-sence
Who's this? not for amusement, I'm never clueless
I do this but never foolish, you doo doo and that's what stool is
My crew is cool as the Fonz and you're Ferris Bueller
No honouring my medulla
No time for your common coonery
Prognosis was doses of mean rock
Dreaming I been thugging like when Afeni conceived Pac
Papa told me fame would only flood my brain
So when you washed up is when you focus on these lames
Money murdering music my main objective is this
I'm pushing the envelope and I salute death with a kiss
Mind, soul and spirit
Concious because I'm near it
The whisper is the mirror to all my merit's
So fuck you if you ain't hear it nigga

[Hook: Zombie Juice]
All I ever wanted son was a brick, a mask and hunnid guns
Put a drip in a mesh if you want it son
For them chips I be down and I run at you
All I ever wanted son was a brick, a mask and hunnid guns
Put a drip in a mesh if you want it son
For them chips I be down and I run at you

[Verse 3: Zombie Juice]
All I wanna do is
Sit back, smoke sacks, bump my new shit
All I wanna do is
Sit back, smoke sacks, bump my new shit
You can reach into your pocket
While I reach into my mind
Clarity is so divine
We just see through the design
The physical we inherit
By visions on TV screens
Chasing the fucking dream
Living it at the scene
Never I'm fucking clean
Never this obscene
The green like six teens
Flip O's a machine
Vaccine I'm poison
Got guns like marines
Smoke good the routine
Love it, that pussy
Juicy the top dog, juicy like hot sauce
Juicy like AI, break necks like Benoit
I flow it the Hulk Hogans
Blow it the best doja
Hold ya composure
Pet bring the coffin
Death will console ya
Remember me blessing you fools with my energy
My energy
Blessing you fools with my energy
Remember me blessing you fools with my energy
My energy
Moving through life like there ain't no tomorrow
Blazing all these mics like show-time at Apollo
Thinking bout my life full circle and the sorrow
Gotta get the C.R.E.A.M
Money motivations, greens galore
Yeh, I like that shit raw, tell me how that shit feel
Living legend, 20 something, imagine how my dick feel
God damn it how does all my shit feel
Men win and men lose, sometimes a friend too
Steaming on the tops, I'm never stealth from the fuck
I've never felt like I'm not
Swagger it's in my roots
New York we the greatest, these rap niggas hate us
Most you niggas wanna be us, I can see it in they faces
Been like the same since, seventeen beating cases
Same drugs and same names, different places
Same kick game perspective just switch lanes
Been hot for 4 years, my nigga Isaac Blaze
A true meaning it seems, underground kings
Still high without my wings, survive and still I dream
Equality and loyal over fallacies and more
And where I come from the hood is still niggas poor
Pour another bottle fuck America's dreams
Do it for your family or life ain't what it seems
Get it how you live and album sales wouldn't matter
Still running through you niggas like a mother fucking bladder--

[Verse 4: Meechy Darko]
I was conceived under the rubble of the buildings
That Snoop crumble back in 19-s-s-s-something
Someone once told me suffering would lead to the discovery of something deep
Inner Peace - Mind, Body, Soul; Holy Trinity
The Dark Man rides the pale horse
Down the road the checker board
Kaleidoscope vision, my vision in vivid is formed
My prism is shimmering glistening I'm giving off
A ray of light, ironic cause my name comes from the dark
I am the spawn of the sin of my pops, yeh I was taught
But I've evolved and got involved my only flaw is that I know
My only flaw and the earth revolves whether I am on it or naw
But fuck that let's break the law
We're scared of loss because my fam cannot afford to flee
Should a nigga spawn for me, denim in Saint Laurent
Gold coliseum front painful, haters' loss
8 whores pack the front of the bus, we on tour
World War 3 when I undraw these vocals C4
Laying my punchlines like landmines
I was born on the darkest day, in blood I was baptised
I can't help but understate watch this capricorn decapitate
Gimme a 10, gimme a 9, fuck just gimme a gatling
So I can crash the reunion and splatter his whole family
Who gon' be at communion?
Sports, drugs and entertainment keep our computers viewing The wordsmith
You turd shit
I can be a nuisance to any rapper that's spewing that shit that we been doing
Rolling stone with this chrome I leave his body in ruins
I ch-chew him and pew pew him, I'm Duke Nukem
Fuck y'all niggas doin
How dare these rappers over bite the man with the overbite
Above par, above the bar, I'm over nice
God ain't even shoulder-height
Pocket knife, clean slice, grab that M.O.P
I'm as cold as ice, a walking talking poltergeist
It's Fleezus Christ, I turn water to acid
I can straighten out the meanest dyke
7 gram backwood, now my eyes Korean tight
My Grandpa can't read or write
The cops never read my rights
Running from them flashing lights like Ye when he was still with Nike
Devil's pie, the final slice, gave my life up to the mic
Every rhyme I spit precise
I channel ODB and Big and Pac before I sit and write
Her seat comes to sitting right
I'm just tryin to lick and bite and fuck and fight
Who you kidding, there's no fiction, nigga this the facts of life
Acid tab and dirty sprite, I'm living the absurdist life
YSL Denim and Phillip Lim my jeans virgin tight
Your favorite rapper bit my whole life, but he ain't serve it right
Come on dog, I got more bars than when your service right
110 in the stolen coupe then I'm swerving right
Fly with me come see these heights
Don't be scared, hol' on tight
Y'all should call me Conrad Murray the way I murder Mike

[Recordings from fans:]
Erick the Architect
Zombie Juice
And Meechy Darko
You guys are an amazing music group
You have opened up my mind to all sorts of things
You have completely altered my perception the world
And I'm gonna see you every single time im in Salt Lake City for the rest of my life
"Yo, Flatbush Zombies, it's yo boy M.J.B., from Boise, you already know, yo there's black people in Idaho, we fuck wiv yo shit, keep doin' ya'll thing"
"Ay shoutout Flatbush Zombies, you make the realest music out there, shout out Meechy, shout of Arch shout of Juice, and shout out SanAntoni Texas" " it's about time you niggas dropped an album, ya'll been preforming the same shit for two years now like come on.."
"I love you Erick, I love you Meech, I love you Juice, I just fucking love you guys"
"..Fuck ya'll, cause this gone be the greatest album ever and it ain't even out yet that's how much faith I got in these niggas .. Because it’s the ‘Glorious Dead’, It’s the ‘Flatbush Zombies’, It’s ‘Meechy Darko’, ‘Zombie Juice’, & ‘The President; Eric Arc Elliot. Spell his name right, or i’ll beat your ass…"

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3001: A Laced Odyssey

Flatbush Zombies texty

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