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Today I purchased a coffin and I ain't even die yet
Smoked about a hundred blunts and I ain't even high yet
Wrote my verse in poison ink, watch you biters digest
Got the illest grind yet? No eye can deny this
Lungs full of uh, eyes bloody red, nigga
Gold fangs on, uh, pocket full of dead niggas
Smoke some, bitch, what the fuck you waiting on?
I know it's a virtue, but baby, my patience is gone
Get our relation on, take her to a vacant home
What you want, a quicky sticky? Okay, I won't takey long
Split the dutch down the middle like Moses did the sea
Count it up, bag it up, we love money, we love weed
Met this one bimbo, told her my name was Meech
But she keep calling me Mandingo
My eyes bloody red so she probably think I'm evil
Truly, it's the weed smoke from all this sour diesel
Light it, then I breathe slow

Seaweed flow, must be from that weed smoke
Eyes Chinese cause we smoking sour diesel
Blunts Siamese, two of these, you be me, yo
Fuck the police though, we smoke it like it's legal

Juicy, Mr. Young Bone, AK, I'm so gone
Hoes love me - Jeroooome, hoes love me - Jerooooome
Sit back, get smacked, get stoned
In the back of the back of the room
With a Mac in the back of the room, she acting doomed
Blaow, splat in the room
Women, they awful, I mean they on fours
Call this my dumb flow, Urkel, Waldo
Call this my purp flow, roll up the indo
I'm here, dog, what you here for?
Hip-hop is dead, Zombies for prez
Remindy, untimely, two blunts I'm Siamese
Pussy, we grind thee, sticky and grimey, wicked unchain me
Twisted my frame be, blunt after blunt after blunt
So stuck, so stuck off the what?
Sticky, icky, quickly, vicky, lick me, no hickeys, gin and whiskey
Just me and some kitties, swiftly

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