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Good morning, wake and bake
Dank weed, them bitches know I stink
Meechy, light up the weed, dog (Where's my lighter?)
White girl, call it Kate Moss
They say I'm borderline schizo, dysfunctional
Insane in the brain, smoke a lot just to maintain
The niggas feel my pain, them them bitches know it too
Poverty stricken, what's a nigga 'posed to do?
Hustler on a mission, Juicy to these hoes
Also know as Trap Hov, Trap Jesus, please believe us smack deceivers
Pussy leave it, leave it smoking like my nina
Boss life nigga, not that Ross life nigga
Paid the cost to be the boss, paid the cost you getting tossed
Light that blunt I'm getting off, put them titties in my mouth!
A cups, B's or C's
I don't fucking please, please proceed to please

Purple in the blunt swisha be the paper
Mouth full of gold, I'm feeling like a Laker

Okay you young, full of cum, let me see ID
See, we smoke 'til we brain dead, need three IV's
But fuck a pulse, just my soul and this weed I need
Some green hashish, I'm smoking 'til my three eyes bleed
O after O, Zombie shit, smoke 'til we comatose
Bong rips 'til my soul lift and catch the holy ghost
Elevated nigga, higher living is my life dear
Gold fangs I'm floating I'm like Dracula in Nike Airs
Whipping the Sour D's resin off my denim
I'm mentally ahead of thee got remedy for the venom
Let's live in lust not love what I tell 'em
The slick talk and weed smoke fuck up they cerebellum
Cause I'm a pimp, when I drink so I limp, when I walk I drag my feet
But when I smoke, I just soar, defyin' laws of gravity
Only light two at a time, stoners with a strategy
Only light two at a time, stoners with a strategy

I pass Juicy a pound and he weigh that like a Libra
Sky high, we up, that's why they can't see us

Smoking till I'm zombie, my eyes slant, I'm Chinese
Half a key of blow, lil niggas ain't in my league

(Smokin all day, feet up counting money)
(Smokin all day, feet up counting money)

With so much in this world to learn and so much money to be earned
I know you heard the world is mine, well muthafucka wait your turn

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