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I spit that sun shower shit
Wake up roll up take a bong rip, hold up
No stress no sticks no stems no seeds
Blow up more sluts, d-dank weed
It's Friday and these are the daily habits
Stroke a slut, grope her butt throw away the magnums
Crack a cup, coconut I'm just lampin'
Chillin' in the cut, dodge magnum
Troubles in your life, zombies be the answer
Smokin' all day probably got throat cancer

Ridin' early in the morning liquor in my guts
The homie on the phone and my niggas say wassup
Roll up on the ave, locs on black
Shawty ain't smokin' then she catchin' contact
Finger wave style, low profile
Take her titty on out we fixin' to go out
Ashes and dutch guts keep it on the hush hush
You don't trust us, pass and I puff puff

I know life is hard but focus on the paper
Focus on the top sky scraper

Motivate minds, money's over here so yeah
I motivate mines
Played up on the sideline, I gotta take time
The stem up to the vine, they want the boy juice they don't wanna hear me whine
Cash up in my prime packin' laughter in my rhymes
Smokin' chokin' rolled eleven times
And you got me on the ropes
Stop light weed turn green like the hulk
And I breathe when I smoke

Weed smoke lethal, Juice go hard, Erick Arc how we do
And meech be the beast too, you rap dudes sea food
Life after death every minutes on the hour
It's a war goin' on everybody want the power
Money be the mission, dope by the kitchen
Purp by the pound, this rap game different
Leave the beat wet like Meth was in his prime
Doped the fuck out three xans, four lines
5'9'' six dimes seven elevens that's eighteen
Half a key serve it by the OZ
How that shit go-oes

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Video přidal john1x

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