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Excuse me, America, I don't do the taxes
I make my money flip, stretch, we call it gymnastics
It's fucking Friday, I need a Nia Long
With a nice set of tits and a green thong
Me and Juicy always smoking, we like Cheech Chong
A French bitch, pussy sweet, honey Dijon
She love the paper, everywhere the cash be
Now baby girl, pop that pussy like some acne
I must be balling cause she only fuck with athletes
I'm that deep, smoking purple in a black tee
I love weed nigga, I got a green thumb
She fuck me nigga, until she bleed cum
Your favorite crew will be on milk cartons soon
I'm busting off in the ocean like a harpoon
Yeah, money green nigga, so they envy
A gat on me with a beam for the enemy
Kush and codeine, now I lean like the Italy
Tower of Pisa nigga, a pretty diva with us
Her body is magnifique, I call her Mona Lisa
Oh yeah, and she barely speak, she only roll the reefer
I'm smoking super kush, good god, I'm super high
Bumping Ready To Die, feeling ready to die
Like I done seen death, shit you ain't seen yet
With there is no hate, and you don't need flesh
A bright idea, you can see me in the nighttime
Got weed, a bitch, a pack of rubbers, and some white wine
Got left behind cause you wasn't in your right mind
Lost all your paper cause you wasn't in the right grind
I put my dick between her tits, now we Siamese
Fucked her on the floor so I won't mess up my designer sheets
Made her pussy fart, burp, cough, her vagina speak
She suck away the pain and strain her brain like it's finals week

Perfect day, ten bitches, and sour diesel
Eleven coffins, my flow ugly awesome, you hear this shit
And get lost and eventually I have a fortune
That'll be awesome
Getting hand-painted portraits of me getting my balls licked
Pump-action shotty that will shoot off your door hinge
Dusting weed by the ton, nigga needed forklifts
Razor blade under my tongue while I spit this raw shit
Y'all niggas should forfeit

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