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Something On My Mind - text


Hell yeah! Look!

[Verse 1:]
So now I pull up at the light at the Casino in Vegas
I be so basic, at least four bracelets
For the people waitin'
This beat too blazin'
Don't speak on anything about that B2K shit
I'm grown, homie, mami
Lil kush I got it all on me
Sticky, purple stuff from Californ, only
Hooked up with Cudda Love
And now it's oonnnn homie
They like "oohhh lordy"
Hear women still trippin' off beginnin' stuff
But Fizz grinning' still feelin like a million bucks
Now last night I had this chick who had this big old butt
I damn near done missed the flight I had to get on, yup!
But she was fresh to death, Gucci her cologne
When she put it on
Coochie was the bomb
I gave her a couple pumps from front with tha mack so
Then it's from the back, though
I know you know how that go

I said girl gone and tell me what you drinkin' on
Cause you the lady I been thinking of
Now get your friend and tell her bring it on
Get you a cup of Goose, get loose and start freakin off
I can't deny this baby
There's something on my mind
Let's get it crackin one more time
Sit back and hit rewind
Tell your friends Fizz back up on this grind

[Verse 2:]
See now I just touched down at the Mardi Gras
You know I came to party, y'all
I ain't got no body guard
Homie you ain't hardly hard
See me laugh, har-de-har
Mess with me, I'll make sure Lady G gon let the Chi to y'all
I'm sorry dog
You just can't mack a hoe
Everyday I pop a chick
Lil insane but see the brain game politic
I'm off the chain, doin my thang, I politic
And I ain't stopping shit
Dre, they ain't knockin it
Man you shoulda seen the guy at the martini bar
Just taking pictures with some girls from Dominica
Forget your guy, if he ain't live, it's the Fizzy fault
645, come take a ride in the Bemmer ma
If I ain't wrong I found the right one
Til shorty got snotty I dropped her right off and
Dilly (dilly), dally (I) ran to the alley
And guess what I told Sally from the Valley


[Verse 3:]
Now we can go to Disneyland, I'll introduce you to Goofy
Yo, I can be your friend, just don't pretend to be bougy
We come at anytime and hit the beach and Jacuzzi
I'll do anything just to see your tan and your two piece
So, say cheese, let's make this a Kodak
Been pimpin since "Lil", big pimpin it before that
New mean honey, she like it in the morning
And my New Orleans shorty, she like to call me whodi
I'm glad I got them chicks from Paris, man
Can't forget Nikki and Vicki from Maryland
I met a blonde from Texas, my complexion
I ain't try to hold her up, I just popped the question


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