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One Night Stand (Take You Home) - text


[Lil Fizz:]
Lil Mama if you want it
Come and get it
Right know cause I got it baby
Buttercream and chocolate lady
Row ltes get it poppin Baby
Cause my mercedes holds to pin ups and centerfold
Pent House with a dress code
Bikinis and your open toes
And I'm here for the weekend If You creapin been thinkin bout cheatin
Care less who you seeing, I fyou leave him cause I ain't tryin to sleep up
I hug up when I done I'm done
You lucky if you get two or one
Ahh what we do is fun and love how you use your tongue But baby that's what I do for fun
One night you can choose you
Hate to bruise and run. But condoms I only use em once
So yes we can only do this
Here ya one night to keep me up
No love to the beatin up
Cause when the sun raise I gotta ride(ride)
Cause there's lots other chicks on the otherside(side)
And I don't need a chick ona brother side
Less undercover like she ain't tryna smother mine
Ma we good if you can keep it straight
And in a case where I'm losing faith
Yes Ma I"ll use your face
Tell your man he won't lose his place
Cause I won't trick and I won't send shoes your way
Ma I don't do the groups these days
I'm on my own I make things move my way
I don't need a girlfriend I grew up babe
Look you must won't the dude with braids(HA HA)

Are there any fans in the stands
Who only looking for a one night stand
I'm not not tryna be ya man
Promise It won't lastlong
If I decide I'm a take you home
Are there any ladies in this room
Who wanna meet me at the telly @ 2
I'm not tryna be with you
Promise It won't last long
If I decide I'm a take you home (take you home)Yeah, Yeah, Yo, Yo

Let me stand up in it
You never had a real dealman up in it
2 minutes he finish
20 minutes I'm winnin cleanin ya kicthen up and lickin cause you pan was stickin
Ain't no such thing as quitting
When I'm hittin that thang
I give you the hole pipe I see you veins
J-Boog girl ain't a damn thang changed
You won't me to stay girl I don't see no rings. Rings. Now when I'm from the back
You never felt a nigga have it lit like that
Fell the shit
Smackin on ya
Killin it so fast
Your boby it can't last
Later on it gotta rash
Cause I'm moving thangs
I'm pumpin on you cats
I see it in your face
You lickin on my neck I can't be erased
I put it in the toilet can't leave no trace
Now get a grip ma grab them hips flip them lips
I just put it in while you get stiff
Just take the hit Ma
Can you have my kids? What yo
It's a one night stand we ain't gotta be friends
On the other hand if it's good I can
But I wouldn't be true to the man I am If I don't send ya ass back to the stands

Girl it's cool If we ride out
But it's really nothing more than a night out
And it's just something new I wanna try out
Plus when the sun come I gotta fly out
And I go from here to Chi-Town, Chi-Town to G.A Atlanta to Bosolon Brazil to Toronto back to Chicago then Ma I gotta go home
It's something we can do for an hour or 2
If you promise It won't last long
Our hearts brake when a nigga gotta go like 1, 2 pumps then I gone
And it really depends I I'm a see you again Next time I touch down I could bne seeing a friend
And the time after that I could be seeing ya friend
So It'll be a while for you see be again
[Chorus Ends]
[Beats Fades]

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