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No Good - text


[Fizz spoken:]
Damn, girl (heh)
You got me feelin all...
Caught up and strung out
You somethin' seroius, yo Boog

[Hook: Boog Singing]
Shorty's like a drug
She got me caught up
She got me strung out
Got me all fucked up
She's like that fire
That's why I like her
But she's no good for me

[Fizz Rap 1:]
Damn girl
You look so sweet
Understand girl
You fine, so petite
Like a treat got my sweet tooth
Fienin got me dreamin
I'm all fucked up
Just starin at your butt, butt
Make me wanna touch
Get a taste of you
One sniff, one whiff
One hit of you
Like a crack fiend I only want a blow from you
Get blown on you
You seventeen girl?
Damn, you look so sweet
Gonna make me sing (hey young girl)
Like Lloyd cause the world is yours
Young girl it's on
Here's my room key
Now I'm goin upstairs
Come and meet me


[Fizz Rap 2:]
I mean damn, girl
You make me wanna make plans girl
Make me wanna be a one girl man, girl
Or maybe just for tonight
Take you on this flight
Let's fight under the covers
Yeah, you under cover
You a closet freak
I know you the kinda girl
That's no good for me
Tryna get me caught up
Have a kid with me
(Woah) slow down
I ain't tryna be a dad
We just fuckin around
You sound, like you found
A man that's gonna wife you
Spend life with you (ummm... uh)
Nah... I'm only nineteen
But we can do some night things
Until I find my right queen (ha ha)
Yeah, I'm a theif, I'm a criminal
Colllecting V cards, I'm just tryna get in with you
You a baaaad girl, you need a whippin
Won't you go to my room
So I can teach you this lesson, (It's addictive)


[Boog Rap:]
Damn, damn
I'm feelin you all crazy
You a lady
Let's practice makin babies
Let me run my fingers through your long hair
While you feelin on me I'm a take you there
What? You scared?
Don't act all sanctified now
You said you was down
Let's go right now (maaaaan!)
You a dick tease
You playin games with me
Are you tryna get with Boogie
Then lift ya skirt up
Got my head all fucked up
And now you actin stuck up
Shut up
Quit talkin girl
And back dat ass up
You addictive (girl)


[Fizz:] Yeah... you ain't no good
[Boog:] No good
[Fizz:] Got me weak... feelin...
[Boog:] Feelin, feelin... you got me fienin (laughs)
[Fizz:] [Laughs] Shut up, Rell!
[Boog:] Ah ha! FBI nigga!
[Fizz:] We out!

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Lil' Fizz texty

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