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Fizzo Got Flow - text


[Verse 1:]
1, 2, 3, 4
Fizzo came through see I'm blazin out the door
Hold 5 to 6 hoes
Causin frenzies round the globe
And me belly stay froze cause my chain hang low
Now I'm gettin paid every single day
With me niggas, my niggas Chris and J
Now it's best you move out my way
Cause ya'll been havin bad days ever since I took place
Who's with fast names
Chasin I'm with a race
Don't try to spit dog
If you can't make a hit
Don't try to make her shake
If she don't move like a snake
Throw it on her like Cham-pein
Bouncin like a tramp-line
I'm tellin you sweet thing
They think I'm mean
It's only right that we get this green
Start the game is open
I'm taking it like I. V.
Rappers boy
I have a place like Kobe

Fizzo got flow
The fizzo got flow (what)
Fizzo got flow
The fizzo got (c'mon)
The fizzo got flow
You think you know but you have no idea

[Verse 2:]
I came through this game abrupt
Ya'll said who's him
Slim with the tilted brim
On Prada blu Timbz
It wasn't long 'for I filled my chains with gems
Turned linen into Benz
Bought E class Benz
Now ya wanna say how he speak so fluent
How he keeps the crowd movin
I hope he's neva truin
Do I hafta to say I'm betta than ya'll
When your album can't compare to my 16 balls
Ya'll got me confused, I don't kick it with nerds
I'm a grown man, ya'll kids like big bird
Look dog, man I don't think you heard
Hit em up
Spit em up
Get em up

[Chorus x4]

This is, this is ridiculous man
You know this is hideous
Uh huh it's crazy
You know I'm gon tell you, I'm gon tell you what it is
It's a God damn shame
It's a God damn shame
It's the ah ah captain

[Chorus x4]

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