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Hard Rock 'n' Roll Heart - text

Listen now
We’re runnin’ wild!
Having rock and roll at mind
Join our party out tonight
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!
Messin’ around
We’re gonna shout
We’re the band that plays it so goddamn loud
I see your crazy flight outside
So come out, come out, come out!
Jump on the stage
Forget your rage
It’s a noise we love to make
Rock is real no some fake
No fake, no fake, no fake!
Don’t wanna stop
Gettin’ to the top
We’re gonna singin’, livin’, runnin’ with the mob
It’s the time for ‘nother shot
Another shot, another shot, another shot!
We got a good time rockin’ roll tonight
Hear the beat our reckless heart
It never stops or brings us down
We got a fuckin’ rockin’ – Rock n’ roll heart!
We love to rock
We love to roll
We’ll take the music outta control
Feelin’ well with burning soul
So come on, come on, come on!
We love to roll
We love to rock
Gettin’ another heavy piece of shock
In the time of rockin’ world
So come on, come on, come on

Text přidal DevilDan

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Hard Rock 'n' Roll Heart


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