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Find My Way Home - text


My children are born, but I'm still half afraid
They'll turn out like me and this mess that I've made
This marriage I've taken for granted so long

That trip that I'd taken to the school back in March
You stayed with your sister
That girl that I told you was only a friend
Turns out that I kissed her

My sister's a wreck and she has been for years
She fought with her father
I wonder if he knows she'll be alright
Because God can fix her

I know I can't be forgiven
Why would I try?
I know I can't be forgiven
I waste my time

That guy that you talked to over the phone
You said you were lonely
I gave you permission to call his part
If you cook for me only

I left all my shirts in the closet upstairs
Right next to the bathroom
I wonder if you could make sure they were clean
Before you return them

I know I can’t be forgiven
Why would I try?
I know I can’t be forgiven
Why waste my time?

Because I can’t find my way home
And I don’t know where to go

Text přidala KateVonTee

Video přidala KateVonTee

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