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You don't know fucking pain.
Distance is deafening.
And a dreamer can dream.
But the privileged get a pass.
And kick the shit downstream.
The sheltered have the shelter.
Keeps them out of the rain.
They don't know shit about life.
They don't know fucking pain.
Do your hands shake?
Did you lose your train of thought?
Are you back in the brush and hellfire?
Do you remember what you were taught?
Where's the fucking honor?
Abandoning the ones who keep you safe.
Broken bodies you can't replace.
We're not worth our weight in shit.
We're not worth our weight in shit.
But we know how to pile it up.
Coffins of camouflage and sand.
Take your boots off before you get through the door.
But the dirt still drags in deep.
Deeper than ever before.
Break your back for the princes.
And bring the burden back home.
The eyes of the child through a rifle's scope.
See you and you alone.
Could you have been the shoulder to cry on?
Could you wear the leather skin?
Could you have even been bothered to let a stranger in?
You don't know fucking pain.

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