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One day tell me old man .... your soul burn it down
His words take me out ... My head will be high
I've paid for your mistakes ... All I've Never wanted
what you keep to yourself ... what you keep to yourself

Drink wine with kings and listen johnny cash
Got a blue cadillac with a speed black birds
My wild horses never ever stop
I wanna fast way ... I wanna fast..

why don't you believe me?!
why can't you hear me?!
why your are push me?!
why won't you let me?!


I don't know..devil shows...gun and smoke from my gold revolver
My pistol your name.. and tell me your last words
My finger's ... on the trigger.. but now... the only one
close your eyes..time is now.. this is insane...go away

the seven secrets
the seven sins
And this is where
the end begins
this is insane
yeah fuckin insane

Text přidala hiwer

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