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First Blood - text


They drew first blood NOT FUCKING ME. The insitutions that try to decide how I should live my life. With their traditions they expect me to fall in line, but their will, their way is not for me. Anyone thinking with an open mind is often ostracized. So my decision just to stay within my own kind is justified. They drew first blood it wasn't me. I didn't ask for all these things to be part of this world OR PART OF ME. And who are they to protest me when all I want is to live peacefully. JUST LEAVE ME BE. Born in this world with innocent eyes. The more I see it becomes more clear to me I cannot trust powers that be. Taught to embrace with open arms a society that does not have a place for me. I didn'task for this social divide and all the racists and the scum of mankind. But now I know, I'm on my own, so leave me be, and I'll live my own life. This is the way things have to be. All because they drew THEY DREW FIRST BLOOD. As corporations gain control of the world, the more and more the common good is not served. They won't dictate or brainwash me to buy their dreams and consume 'til I die. The best advice given to me is never serve who is not there to serve me. They drew first blood it wasn't me. They drew first blood NOT FUCKING ME.

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