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Deep at night
Through storm and wind
I saw a bright light
Deep at night
The service over
It lures me outside

Behind the gates
Messiah waits
For me to cross the line
Through squalls and walls
Dark creatures crawl
The Fallen Angel cries


I stumble, I fall,
I grope, I crawl
Wind lashes my face
Hail scars my limbs

A beastly maw gaping ahead
It drools with fire
Ready to gulp me in one bite
I see a feathered heavenly creature
Flapping from above
It slashes the evil
With long sword

Surrounded by beasts and divines
Half in mud, half-choking,
I keep moving along
My light pathway
Where am I going Why me
Mighty roar quells
These questions in my mind
I'm falling in the dark
And silence reigns...

Text přidal STALKER

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