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Invisible threat - text


You dreamed that the sky falls on ruins,
Breakaway scattered in past.
You’re awake scared by seen.
But nothing changed.

I’ve crushed myself for only life I’ve got
You’ve drained (yourself) for an aim you see.
There’s nothing more to talk about
In anxious dreams.

Be aware.
You’re betrayed
By your eyes showing this…

(You saw that once, you’ll never forget)

You saw too much and now you are blind
Your life now is juts a survive.
There appears more darkness in nightmares
In which someone bloody cries.

You missed yourself hunting (the) truth,
you missed by world, rejecting (it’s) lows.
All I found now in your eyes
Was childish fears.

So what now?
Are you
going to keep resisting obvious?

Text přidal STALKER

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