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Children Of Fate - text


Petrified by sunlight
We are falling to sink

In sight of farewell we’re ready to fight
But limbs refuse to follow
Hunted by scares
And haunted by previous lives
Being healed
I must be feeling stitches
Of kind in me

Shaking of infernal cries
Spacious arena opens up
Around it angels
Unicorns in front

Around it angels
Unicorns in front
Eyes full of dignity and might

The four horsemen ride
We’re stumped by their might
In encirclement

In split-second they indulge into battle
To fulfill the prophecy

Snow of angel feathers
Falls from the sky
Dark rain of demons
Leaves its black seeds on the ground

Text přidal Sidorovich

Video přidal Sidorovich

The Temptation Journey

Firelake texty

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