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Ancient Gods, give us shelter
From the dark paths we crawl on
Paradigm of peace in temple
Encrypted in the sky of scorn

Hear the wind howling through
These gorgeous divine gates
Look into your soul
Ruined with hate

Carrying a torch of hope
We descend further into dungeons
Hungry pair of eyes looks as we grope
Lurking behind carved columns

Hear that rustle, hear that growl?
- Surrender, you humans, no chance for you both
Who are you, a demon or local ghoul?
- Consider me master of your soul!!!

Run my friend, run for your life,
Or give up your soul to rejoice the beast

Chased by flamed tounges of fury
Spite-covered claws
We dash out of the haunted temple
Towards the changing laws
Of Destiny

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The Temptation Journey

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