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Truth will rise in the morning
Is this crime really happening?
I guess we can’t keep the world away
From sinking under pressure
This disguise fooling no one
Go downtown get your hair done
belly of rhymes got no reason
they know you only too well
with the dawn floating sideways
all these eyes seeming drawn to you
if you decide you should run away
You won’t be going solo
Why don’t we take it to an interview
With anybody it could be so hard
There’s a picture of a rickshaw leaving
I want to sink into the atmosphere
In this chaos around us
still you found this connection
but it’s not good luck for anyone
to play at being dumb
Got no plans for the future
(not looking for a change, I’m here to stay)
got to make good impressions
(take me to a darkened stage and its all arranged)
goodbye night, forest, sky
(and trouble you can call my name)

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