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Your love gets sweeter - text


You know your smile woman
treat me so darn darn fine
Give me such an appetite
& I need your loving every night

Your love gets sweeter everyday X4

Baby when you kiss my lips
Make me wanna go head over heels - for you yeah!
When you whisper in my ear
What I say is how I feel for you yeah!

Your love gets sweeter everyday X4

Since I was sweet sixteen
I wanted to make you my queen
Then until the day you were
You are the loving girl who's taken my hand

Your love gets sweeter everyday X4

Now I'm glad I'm an older man
I can see things are riding to plan
Baby if you promise me
We can build our world together for true me & you
I gonna take it to you

Your love gets sweeter everday X4

You walk so sweetly when you walk, when you talk
& you dance for me girl X2

I'll never make you blue
I'll never
I'll never make you blue

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